Pulling truck against truck on a 20 foot wide by 120 foot long concrete pad
All trucks are weighted in to weight classes
We use a 30 foot long specially made strap to insure it wont break or stretch
The trucks are opposing each other on the track with the strapped hooked to the rear of each truck with the center of the strap centered on the track
There are four (4) traffic lights set up on the track two (2) at each end
When the lights turn green the drivers attempt to pull the other across the line. The best of three (3) is the winner
The winner stays in the winners bracket and the looser goes to the looser bracket. Each truck and driver should have at least two (2) times on the pad




DOT 6500# and 8500# Diesel Class Rules

-          30 “hitch Height

-          Must make weight…No exceptions in weight, no pounds will be given in excess. CANNOT BE OVER WEIGHT.

-          As many passengers as seatbelts will allow as the truck was manufactured.

-          TIRES: Must be DOT approved, NON-Competition, intended for highway use, any questions please ask before the event because we want you there to pull.

-          All weight ballast must be secured, if weight falls off the truck on the track it will be a disqualification, this means if the number of trucks warrant single elimination tugs then you will be all done.

-          Trucks must stay on the pad, one warning per hook.

-          False starts, one warned per hook, disqualification on the second offense.

-          Each truck will receive a MAXIMIUM of 3 min. of down time per hook (ex: mechanical problems, truck dies)

 -          Disclaimer: If at any time a situation arises, Truck Warz reserves the right to change, modify or regulate issue that compromises safety and/or competition. Our goal is to provide a safe and entertaining show, anything that detracts from this goal will be dealt as the situations arise.